Coronavirus | Ahmedabad’s mortality rate way above national average

corona gujrat

However, it should be mentioned that the recovery rate has shot up after the Central government’s new guidelines came. They don’t mandate retesting of the asymptomatic patients, who can be discharged after 10 days hospitalisation or treatment without testing if they don’t develop any symptoms.

As per the Health department’s figures, 5,210 patients are under treatment in various hospitals while 43 are critical and on ventilator support.

In Ahmedabad, 265 cases and 19 deaths were reported bringing the tally to 6,910 and 465. The city’s mortality rate is almost 6.7%, which is way above the national average of below 4%.

The fact that despite stringent measures like complete shut down of the city except milk parlours and pharmacies in place, the virus is only surging without any containment with daily over 250 plus cases and around more than 20 deaths on average for the last 10 days in the city.

Gujarat on Thursday recorded 324 infections and 20 deaths. The State’s cumulative numbers have increased to 9,592 cases and 586 deaths.