How do I bet online from India in rupees?

bet online rupess

The main difference between a bet on sports money and a point – spread betting on the Indian Rupees at Livebid; is that there are no points involved with the money line. If your team wins as you bet on sports, you collect. Bet on sports money lines are the most common in Cricket.

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Let’s look at a typical example sports betting money line from Major League of IPL : Indian betting website in the cricket betting -160 points odds on the cricket and betting value is +140 increase.

In this situation if you liked the Indian Rupees you would risk $160 for every $100 you wanted to win on Indian betting or the 16/10 sports betting equivalent.

If you liked cricket betting of the Livebid sports bet you would risk $100 but win $140 if the other one won.

You could also see a difference in that vigorish return where it might just be 10 percents. This bet on sports money line in Indian Rupees. Example is exactly the same as the lines you see in hockey betting.

Online Sports Bets In India Rupees

You also have bet on sports money lines to consider in the NFL, Tennis, NBA and college basketball. Here is a online sports betting website for betting line example that you might see when looking at the NBA sports betting money line at a sportsbook : India +180, US -220. If you liked the Nets you would be risking $220 for every $100 you wanted to win in the game. 

In India, Through virtual money betting websites or applications are completely legal. Nowadays, many sports betting websites are working with virtual money.

To deposit money on these websites you should use e-Wallet Services. but you can’t use real money for that, you can use virtual money platoforms or e-wallet services like NETELLER or SKRILL, these are safe & easy to use without any problem.

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