Mylan Highlights Clear Value Creation to Perrigo Shareholders Available Through its Offer

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HERTFORDSHIRE, England and PITTSBURGH , Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mylan N.V. (Nasdaq: MYL ), a leading global pharmaceutical company, will today at 5:00 p.m. ET host a conference call and webcast to review the clear value to be created for Perrigo Company plc (NYSE: PRGO ; TASE) shareholders through Mylan's offer to acquire the company. The call will be hosted by Mylan's Executive Chairman Robert J. Coury , CEO Heather Bresch and CFO John Sheehan .
Mylan will review a comprehensive presentation which outlines how Mylan's offer delivers to Perrigo shareholders an attractive premium and immediate accretion, while also immediately achieving Perrigo's stated business strategy and reducing its future performance risk. Mylan shareholders have recognized the value of, and already supported, the combination, so the focus of the presentation is solely on how it benefits Perrigo shareholders. Key highlights from the presentation include: MULTIPLE MATH IS CLEAR AND COMPELLING: Mylan's offer for Perrigo represents a 19-22x multiple to Perrigo's estimated 2015 calendar year adjusted EBITDA[1] using both Mylan's current share price and its share price on April 7, 2015, the day before Mylan first made its offer public. This is at the high end of comparable deals in the sector over the past few years. Mylan believes this fundamental reality is why no other bidder has emerged in the six months since Mylan first announced its proposal to acquire Perrigo. PERRIGO'S STANDALONE SHARE PRICE WOULD LIKELY BE SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER TODAY ABSENT MYLAN'S BID: As the market and the healthcare sector have shifted, Mylan believes that Perrigo's share price has unquestionably been supported by its offer. Based on comparable companies, Mylan believes that Perrigo's current hypothetical unaffected stock price would be between approximately $117 and $139, with an average of approximately $129[2]. This is $32 lower than Perrigo's current price and $36 lower than Perrigo's price on April 7, 2015. THE OFFER IS SIGNIFICANTLY ACCRETIVE TO EARNINGS, GROWTH AND VALUE CREATION FOR PERRIGO SHAREHOLDERS: Using Perrigo's own analysis in its September 2015 presentation to investors, Mylan will demonstrate that its offer is immediately accretive to Perrigo shareholders. The accretion significantly increases if Perrigo shareholders decide to reinvest the $75 per share in cash they will receive back into the combined company. Perrigo's math also shows that a combined Mylan + Perrigo would have higher long-term adjusted diluted EPS growth, as Perrigo's standalone long-term adjusted diluted EPS growth is decelerating. Furthermore, at a range of pro forma P/E Multiples, using Perrigo's math, the transaction results in immediate value creation for Perrigo shareholders – with the value per share increasing over time as synergies are achieved. RECEIVE A PREMIUM OR PAY A PREMIUM: Perrigo shareholders will need to consider the compelling value of the $6.5 billion implied premium[3] being offered in contrast to Perrigo's own uncertain standalone future and stated strategy of delivering a premium to other parties to support its growth going forward. This is exacerbated by the fact that Perrigo's own numbers indicate its organic revenues have turned negative in fiscal year 2015[4], underscoring its need to pursue an uncertain acquisition strategy. PERRIGO EARNINGS DEPEND SIGNIFICANTLY ON A THIRD PARTY ROYALTY, WHICH IS EXPECTED TO BE UNDER PRESSURE FROM POTENTIAL COMPETING THERAPIES: Concern over Perrigo's core business is only heightened when its reliance on the Tysabri® royalty for its adjusted diluted earnings per share is examined. Mylan estimates that the revenue stream from Perrigo's specialty sciences segment (primarily comprised of the Tysabri® royalty) represents approximately 28% of Perrigo's adjusted diluted EPS for calendar year 2015[5]. This highly priced product in an increasingly competitive therapeutic category is expected to be under pressure from potential competing therapies. On a pro-forma basis, Mylan expects the specialty sciences segment (primarily Tysabri®) to represent less than 10% of the adjusted diluted EPS for the combined company for calendar year 2015[6].
Mylan's Executive Chairman Robert J. Coury commented, "We are now entering the final stages of our offer for Perrigo and are confident that Perrigo shareholders will support us by tendering their shares and making this attractive offer a reality. We believe shareholders recognize the compelling value of our offer, which includes a significant cash component, and that they understand the exciting growth potential of the combined company. By using Perrigo's own published numbers from its recent defensive presentations, we demonstrate clearly in our presentation that the offer delivered to Perrigo shareholders is the best available opportunity for value creation, which is why we believe no alternative has been or will be presented from a third party. Further, we believe that our offer is superior to Perrigo's so-called "base plus, plus, plus" strategy, given its risks and uncertainties. We very much look forward to speaking with Perrigo's shareholders in these final weeks and, with their support, soon welcoming Perrigo, Omega and their employees to Mylan in November."
Under the terms of Mylan's offer, Perrigo shareholders will receive $75 in cash and 2.3 Mylan ordinary shares for each Perrigo ordinary share. On September 14, 2015 Mylan officially commenced its formal offer to acquire all outstanding ordinary shares of Perrigo.
The offer is being made in accordance with Mylan's announcement (dated April 24, 2015 and amended on April 29, 2015 and on August 13, 2015) pursuant to Rule 2.5 of Irish Takeover Rules that set forth Mylan's legally binding commitment to commence an offer and the Offer to Exchange / Prospectus (being the offer document for the purposes of the Irish Takeover Rules) dated September 14, 2015. The offer and withdrawal rights are scheduled to expire at 1:00 P.M. (Irish time)/8:00 A.M. ( New York City time) on November 13, 2015, unless the offer is extended with the consent of the Irish Takeover Panel. The acceptance condition for the offer requires greater than 50% of Perrigo ordinary shares to have been tendered into the offer.
A copy of the Offer to Exchange/Prospectus and other related materials have been mailed to Perrigo shareholders and the Offer to Exchange/Prospectus is available at
The dial-in number to access the call is 800.514.4861 or 678.809.2405 for international callers. To access the live webcast, please log on to Mylan's website,, at least 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin to register and download or install any necessary software. The presentation materials and other materials related to Mylan's offer will also be available at .
Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in healthcare. Working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unmet needs; make reliability and service excellence a habit; do what's right, not what's easy; and impact the future through passionate global leadership. We offer a growing portfolio of around 1,400 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. In addition, we offer a wide range of antiretroviral therapies, upon which nearly 50% of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries depend. We also operate one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and currently market products in about 145 countries and territories. Our workforce of approximately 30,000 people is dedicated to creating better health for a better world, one person at a time. Learn more at
This communication contains "forward-looking statements." Such forward-looking statements may include, without limitation, statements about the proposed acquisition of Perrigo Company plc ("Perrigo") by Mylan N.V. ("Mylan") (the "Perrigo Proposal"), Mylan's acquisition (the "EPD Transaction") of Mylan Inc. and Abbott Laboratories' non-U.S. developed markets specialty and branded generics business (the "EPD Business"), the benefits and synergies of the Perrigo Proposal or EPD Transaction, future opportunities for Mylan, Perrigo, or the combined company and products, and any other statements regarding Mylan's, Perrigo's, or the combined company's future operations, anticipated business levels, future earnings, planned activities, anticipated growth, market opportunities, strategies, competition, and other expectations and targets for future periods. 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Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to: uncertainties related to the Perrigo Proposal, including as to the timing of the offer and a compulsory acquisition, whether Perrigo will cooperate with Mylan and whether Mylan will be able to consummate the offer and a compulsory acquisition, the possibility that competing offers will be made, the possibility that the conditions to the consummation of the offer will not be satisfied, and the possibility that Mylan will be unable to obtain regulatory approvals for the offer or be required, as a condition to obtaining regulatory approvals, to accept conditions that could reduce the anticipated benefits of the offer; the ability to meet expectations regarding the accounting and tax treatments of a transaction relating to the Perrigo Proposal and the EPD Transaction; changes in relevant tax and other laws, including but not limited to changes in healthcare and pharmaceutical laws and regulations in the U.S. and abroad; the integration of Perrigo and the EPD Business being more difficult, time-consuming, or costly than expected; operating costs, customer loss, and business disruption (including, without limitation, difficulties in maintaining relationships with employees, customers, clients, or suppliers) being greater than expected following the Perrigo Proposal and the EPD Transaction; the retention of certain key employees of Perrigo and the EPD Business being difficult; the possibility that Mylan may be unable to achieve expected synergies and operating efficiencies in connection with the Perrigo Proposal and the EPD Transaction within the expected time-frames or at all and to successfully integrate Perrigo and the EPD Business; expected or targeted future financial and operating performance and results; the capacity to bring new products to market, including but not limited to where Mylan uses its business judgment and decides to manufacture, market, and/or sell products, directly or through third parties, notwithstanding the fact that allegations of patent infringement(s) have not been finally resolved by the courts (i.e., an "at-risk launch"); any regulatory, legal, or other impediments to our ability to bring new products to market; success of clinical trials and our ability to execute on new product opportunities; the scope, timing, and outcome of any ongoing legal proceedings and the impact of any such proceedings on financial condition, results of operations, and/or cash flows; the ability to protect intellectual property and preserve intellectual property rights; the effect of any changes in customer and supplier relationships and customer purchasing patterns; the ability to attract and retain key personnel; changes in third-party relationships; the impact of competition; changes in the economic and financial conditions of the businesses of Mylan, Perrigo, or the combined company; the inherent challenges, risks, and costs in identifying, acquiring, and integrating complementary or strategic acquisitions of other companies, products, or assets and in achieving anticipated synergies; uncertainties and matters beyond the control of management; and inherent uncertainties involved in the estimates and judgments used in the preparation of financial statements, and the providing of estimates of financial measures, in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America ("GAAP") and related standards or on an adjusted basis. For more detailed information on the risks and uncertainties associated with Mylan's business activities, see the risks described in Mylan's Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q for the quarters ended March 31, 2015 and June 30, 2015 and our other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). These risks, as well as other risks associated with Mylan, Perrigo, and the combined company are also more fully discussed in the Registration Statement on Form S-4 (which includes an offer to exchange/prospectus and was declared effective on September 10, 2015, the "Registration Statement") in connection with the Perrigo Proposal. You can access Mylan's filings with the SEC through the SEC website at , and Mylan strongly encourages you to do so. Except as required by applicable law, Mylan undertakes no obligation to update any statements herein for revisions or changes after the date of this communication.
The directors of Mylan accept responsibility for the information contained in this announcement, save that the only responsibility accepted by the directors of Mylan in respect of the information in this announcement relating to Perrigo, the Perrigo Group, the Perrigo Board and the persons connected with them, which has been compiled from published sources, has been to ensure that such information has been correctly and fairly reproduced or presented (and no steps have been taken by the directors of Mylan to verify this information). To the best of the knowledge and belief of the directors (who have taken all reasonable care to ensure that such is the case) the information contained in this announcement is in accordance with the facts and does not omit anything likely to affect the import of such information.
Under the provisions of Rule 8.3 of the Irish Takeover Panel Act, 1997, Takeover Rules 2013 (the "Irish Takeover Rules"), if any person is, or becomes, 'interested' (directly or indirectly) in, 1% or more of any class of 'relevant securities' of Perrigo or Mylan, all 'dealings' in any 'relevant securities' of Perrigo or Mylan (including by means of an option in respect of, or a derivative referenced to, any such 'relevant securities') must be publicly disclosed by not later than 3:30 pm ( New York time) on the 'business' day following the date of the relevant transaction. This requirement will continue until the date on which the 'offer period' ends. If two or more persons co-operate on the basis of any agreement, either express or tacit, either oral or written, to acquire an 'interest' in 'relevant securities' of Perrigo or Mylan, they will be deemed to be a single person for the purpose of Rule 8.3 of the Irish Takeover Rules.
Under the provisions of Rule 8.1 of the Irish Takeover Rules, all 'dealings' in 'relevant securities' of Perrigo by Mylan or 'relevant securities' of Mylan by Perrigo, or by any party acting in concert with either of them, must also be disclosed by no later than 12 noon ( New York time) on the 'business' day following the date of the relevant transaction.
A disclosure table, giving details of the companies in whose 'relevant securities' 'dealings' should be disclosed, can be found on the Irish Takeover Panel's website at .
Interests in securities arise, in summary, when a person has long economic exposure, whether conditional or absolute, to changes in the price of securities. In particular, a person will be treated as having an 'interest' by virtue of the ownership or control of securities, or by virtue of any option in respect of, or derivative referenced to, securities.
Terms in quotation marks are defined in the Irish Takeover Rules, which can also be found on the Irish Takeover Panel's website. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you are required to disclose a dealing under Rule 8, please consult the Irish Takeover Panel's website at or contact the Irish Takeover Panel on telephone number +353 1 678 9020 or fax number +353 1 678 9289.
Goldman Sachs, which is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority in the United Kingdom , is acting for Mylan and no one else in connection with the Perrigo Proposal and will not be responsible to anyone other than Mylan for providing the protections afforded to clients of Goldman Sachs, or for giving advice in connection with the Perrigo Proposal or any matter referred to herein.
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In connection with the Perrigo Proposal, Mylan has filed certain materials with the SEC (and anticipates filing further materials), including, among other materials, the Registration Statement. In connection with the Perrigo Proposal, Mylan also filed with the SEC on September 14, 2015 a Tender Offer Statement on Schedule TO, which includes the offer to exchange/prospectus (the "Offer to Exchange/Prospectus), form of letter of transmittal and other related offer documents. Mylan has mailed the Offer to Exchange/Prospectus to Perrigo shareholders in connection with the Perrigo Proposal. This communication is not intended to be, and is not, a substitute for such filings or for any other document that Mylan may file with the SEC in connection with the Perrigo Proposal. INVESTORS AND SECURITYHOLDERS OF MYLAN AND PERRIGO ARE URGED TO READ THE DOCUMENTS FILED WITH THE SEC CAREFULLY AND IN THEIR ENTIRETY (IF AND WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE) BEFORE MAKING AN INVESTMENT DECISION BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MYLAN, PERRIGO AND THE PERRIGO PROPOSAL. Such documents will be available free of charge through the website maintained by the SEC at or by directing a request to Mylan at 724-514-1813 or [email protected] . Any materials filed by Mylan with the SEC that are required to be mailed to shareholders of Perrigo and/or Mylan will also be mailed to such shareholders. This communication has been prepared in accordance with U.S. securities law, Irish law, and the Irish Takeover Rules.
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