Online Cricket Betting Guide – Online Betting in India

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Hello I am glad that someone actually asked this question. Online cricket betting is one of the most misunderstood terms in India. So I will explain what it means in India. However, please note that this answer will only be applicable to Indians as I am writing this with the laws of Indian constitution in my mind.

Cricket betting online for most gamblers should be all about winning money. Would you like to win more money in cricket betting?

Official cricket game online can be profitable if you remember some things. Let’s look at some top tips you should consider.

Shop for lines – There is no doubt that getting the best number on games is critically important in cricket betting online.

For example, on an average college basketball Saturday full of nearly 10 games you will see about 10% of those games land within a point of the number.

That means if you got the best number on those games you could turn a loss into a tie or a tie into a push, or perhaps even a loss into a win. That means a lot of money when the season is over.


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Reliable Online Cricket Betting In India

Cricket betting professionals take the time to get the best number and have multiple accounts. Don’t bet very many parlays or teasers.

These wagers just don’t hold enough value for cricket professional bettors to make them a regular part of their cricket betting online.

Straight bets are where the pros make their money. They are in it for the long haul, not always looking for the quick score that parlays might provide. Recreational and public bettors are drawn in by parlays but the house edge is too great to overcome.

Don’t overreact to what you see – this is more important than you might believe. Just because a team played poorly in their last game does not mean they will do so again.

Look more at the team in general rather than just what happened in the last game. Recent games are overrated nearly every time by cricket online gamblers.

Online Cricket Betting Analysis Gambling:

You can be a great way to make money but you do need to learn from your mistakes if you expect to improve your cricket betting.

Live cricket betting will provide opportunities for you to learn from your mistakes. For example, let’s say you bet on India -7 over MS Dhoni and the Rohit won the game by only three points and your bet lost.

As you look at whether or not India was a good selection, ask yourself if these two teams played again next week would the online cricket betting line is the same and would you still make the same play?

What you want to do though is decide whether or not you would still make the same cricket betting choice. You should always ask yourself whether or not you would make the same play again after your win or loss in QTgames.

Obviously you would always make the same play again after a win, but you need to ask yourself whether you would make the same bet again after a loss in cricket betting.

As you analyze your results you should understand that wins and losses don’t always tell the whole story with online cricket betting in India. Have you been on the right side of most games but are suffering bad beats?

If that is the case then you stay the course and things should turn around with your live cricket betting in India. It is also possible that you have been getting lucky lately and your handicapping hasn’t been up to par.

That is a much more difficult situation to analyze. As you analyze your results you may find that you are using an old system or making poor decisions based on old data.

Online cricket betting website will be a series of making adjustments. The cricket betting make adjustments all the time as the game changes and as coaches and players change.

In live cricket betting you should know that you are always making adjustments. What has worked in the past is not guaranteed to work in the future in online cricket betting.

You always must analyze your online cricket betting results with total honesty. Do not believe your losses are bad luck if they are not in online cricket betting.

Basically the laws of India prohibits the practice of betting activities. But it does not mention anything about online betting. So online betting is not an illegal activity in India. So it is legal to place bets online. But the problem is to find the right online betting site.

Cricket is already a popular sport in India which has a massive fan following. So if you have decided to bet on cricket you have made the right choice. The first thing that you need to decide is the site in which you are going to place your bet. There are a lot of sites on the internet that accept indian currencies.

IPL is a perfect place to get started for IPL betting. The IPL is the greatest cricket tournament in the world. Betting on IPL makes fans feel the true excitement of the match as it is a limited over game.

After choosing a betting site and register your account on it. For the payment if the mastercard or Visa fails you can also make use of the ewallet services such as Neteller or Skrill. The following are things that you need to open an account.

  • Valid email address.
  • Valid identity card.
  • Personal details, such as name and physical address etc.